August 17th, 2007

Fancy Red Diamond of more than 1.06 carats sold online

Rare Fancy Red DiamondsI just saw on Yahoo that a new company called has sold a 1.06 fancy red diamond for 1.5 million dollars to an investor! So I had to check out the site. They have more fancy reds for sale, including a Fancy Purplish Red and a Matched Set of Red Diamonds. If you’re into blues, check out this rare 2.5 carat Fancy Intense Blue. Yowza! Of course I’m all over these because red is my signature color and let’s face it diamonds are the best looking sparklies so the combo is Breathless!! I can dream….

4 Responses to “Fancy Red Diamond of more than 1.06 carats sold online”

  1. Steve says:

    Yes, I am aware of that company – they have by far the best reds I’ve seen and blues on the market. Prices, not sure how competitive but do they really need to be? :)

    They have a couple nice greens too, I am sure they’ve been holding on to those reds for years now.


  2. jimmy says:

    Hey i just saw this article and i heard of that company before i wasnt too thrilled with their service though i emailed them few times and didnt get any replies i called and they said they get back to me and never did. I baught a pink diamond from and they were wonderful and their prices are great! they have some really rare stuff too including blues but i cant afford that just yet :-)

  3. Tommy says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    My dad had the same experience with this company. My dad bought a red diamond from for my mum for their 25th wedding anniversary and had it set in a custom made ring that they made. Wow it is really magnificent, and he was very happy with the service and of course my mum is very happy with the red diamond too :-)

  4. Ron says:

    I’m not sure about the magnificence of red diamonds: pure colored red ones look like garnets under ambient light, even if they’re radiant-cut (to better showcase the color). Now, a high quality Mogok ruby even when cabochon cut, on the other hand, is a traffic-stopping red. I guess flourescence helps.

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