August 17th, 2007

Did Graff have another major Jewel theft in Dubai?

graff in Forbes MagazineThe reporting on this story from Dubai is confusing, but it sounds like Graff had another major theft, this time in the middle east. Earlier, in a story that could have come from the plot of a Diamond Caper movie, Graff was the victim of a $20 million dollar theft by dapper burglars arriving to his London store on July 11, 2007 in a pricey Bentley.

What makes this second theft confusing is that all they would say about it is:

Following the immediate action of the Dubai Police in resolving what could be the biggest heist case in the city’s history, the House of Graff, the world-renowned jeweller, and its local partners have reopened the stylish Graff showroom in Wafi City.

Then they talk about Graff, but never say a single word more about the robbery. Doing a search for Graff on the site only yields this article about the Graff designs in the UAE.

3 Responses to “Did Graff have another major Jewel theft in Dubai?”

  1. Selene says:

    Dubai is very secretive of any bad publicity. The media is completely controlled there. I visited the Graff store in city center, horrible horrible customer service. I was with 2 guys and the Russian sales girl called the Arab security guard in to look at us directly.
    I ended up ignoring the pink sapphire necklace I saw and bought a ruby necklace from Bvlgari at the Mall of the Emirates. Graffs customer service sucked and costed them an old customer.

  2. GilbertZ says:

    Found a reference to the Dubai robbery.

  3. David says:

    Laurence Graff is bit of a specialist when it comes to being robbed, I can list eight robberies straight off.
    1980 The Malborough Diamond was among several items stolen in an armed robbery on his Knightsbridge Store
    1993 7 Million sterling was the haul in an armed robbery at his Hatton Garden Workshops
    2003 At the time the 23 million pound armed robbery at one of his London stores was a UK record.
    2004 38 Million dollar smash and grab netted the Comtesse de Vendome Necklace at Graff’s Ginza boutique in Tokyo
    2005 Another armed robbery in London but this time Graff’s loss is a mere 1 million pounds
    2007 was a business as usual, 13.5 million dollars in jewels in a raid on his Dubai branch, and an armed robbery on one of his London stores netted 10 million pounds
    2009 was the daddy of them all, a gigantic 38 million pounds worth of diamonds and jewellery from his Bond street store in yet another armed robbery.
    How does this man get insurance cover… I assume he must have it to operate, but if I was in insurance I wouldn’t be queuing up for his custom.

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