August 16th, 2007

More on David Yurman jewelry

david yurmanI followed up my online visit to David Yurman via Neiman Marcus with an in-store visit. The first thing that hits you is that their advertising is Cheeky. I don’t know if it’s their signature, but I see a lot of people checking out this Cable Candy Rose Quartz Bracelet or similar bracelets. This Petite Albion Amethyst Necklace looks fantastic in person. I also saw a gorgeous pair of earrings I almost bought as a present, but can’t find it online. Looked similar to this but more delicate and refined, with some nice gemstones.

Kate Moss is the supermodel representing Yurman, along with some Naomi Watts as the celebrity endorsement. Moss has had quite the on and off relationship with sometimes fiancée Pete Doherty. Hopefully she will get off the drugs and stop losing endorsements, like this one for Chanel, now represented by Keira Knightly.

  • Petite Albion Collection
  • kate moss peter doherty mystery ring

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