August 13th, 2007

Graff in Forbes Magazine

lawrence graffFunny, I was recently writing all about Laurie Graff and within a week he’s on the cover of Forbes Magazine with a big spread on the King of Bling! I guess I’ll cover him again.

The beginning of the Forbes story is classic. It tells of a young lady who entered Graff’s store with a man. They were shopping for a diamond and ruby necklace for her birthday. It cost $2 million. The man offered Graff a check for $1 million. Then she returns with another man showing the jewelry as if she saw it for the first time. He too offers a $1 miion dollar check. And thus the young woman gets her jewelry, and Graff his price.

Apocryphal or no, that story is priceless. Other “gems” from the article: The average transaction price at Graff? $400,000. Although I covered many important gemstones in the last article, here’s a new one, The Princess Rose, a pink pear shape, 13 carats:

The Princess Rose

Graff is worth 2.5 Billion Dollars. He writes his own ad copy. Here are some more pictures and links:

“It’s beautifully made, and Damien Hirst has the cheek of the devil, but if he gets $100 million for it he’ll make more profit than I’ve ever made on a diamond object. If people are ready to pay that price, I might start making diamond skulls myself.”

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