August 9th, 2007

House of Taylor

elizabeth taylorI saw a press release issued by the House of Taylor in one of my feeds. I must admit looking at their website I’m disappointed.

There is no actress more synonymous with diamonds to me than Elizabeth Taylor. However, on their website, they seem to give Kathy Ireland as much space as they give Taylor.

If Kathy had just been a paid model, or even developed a line, that would be one thing, but she seems to be a permanent fixture and I think that it dilutes the brand. It’s House of Taylor, of the Taylor-Burton Diamond fame. Part of diamond history. It’s not the House of Ireland.

This is not meant as a diss of Kathy. I think she’s gorgeous and I always liked her, what little I knew. But I don’t associate her with high end diamonds and jewelry. If they felt that Liz needed a younger audience, I’m not too sure Kathy was the best choice…

Starting a company called House of Taylor was a great idea. But what were they thinking when it came to marketing?

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  1. ruben torres says:

    I want to thank you for being so honest about your feelings on the amazing and legendary Dame Elizabeth Taylor and her iconic influence on humanity, the arts and of course jewelry…My knowledge of Kathy is more personal…she is a close friend who I met many years ago on a design project and I watched her build her brand from a small effort at her home to a large design company..Anyone who know her will assure you that Kathy never wants to have a presence at HOTJ that is “equal” to Dame Elizabeth’s…nor are her designs “high end”. Kathy, under the direction of Dame Elizabeth designs what every mom can afford…and Dame Elizabeth designs whatever she wants. This is one more case of Dame Elizabeth being generous, kind and wise. Kathy learns about jewels from the best and the company benefits from Kathy’s design concepts that are affordable and wanted by Kathy’s customers of her over 1 billion dollar a year retail brand. Dame Elizabeth doesn’t need a “younger” audience….The Dame is timeless. Kathy needed the credibility of Dame Ellizabeth’s genuis and mentorship to bring fine jewelry to market.It’s powerful to see the result of their efforts. It wasn’t a marketing concept…it’s a creative one. There are three different lines…Elizabeth…one of a kind jewels, House of Taylor Jewelry….and then the less expensive, Kathy Ireland exclusively for House of Taylor Jewelry….Elizabeth jewels are sold at luxury locations and auctions like Christies for hundreds of thousands of dollars upto a million and Kathy’s designs top out at 3500…some are as little as 200. pretty yes…but..something that I wouldn’t understand from the greatest artist and jewel collector of all time.Armani Black label….and then Armani exchange. AX never upstages Armani.wouldn’t be smart…most of all couldn;t be done…Kathy isn’t that kind of famous icon…she’s a mom and a designer for moms…..I know this is a lot and I hope it doesn’t offend…but Dame Elizabeth designs carefully, brillaintly and for the private clients who can afford her pieces.Maybe your thoughts will cause Dame Elizabeth to allow more of her designs to go on display…When she visited the jewelry show in Las Vegas …called Luxury…..only Dame Elizabeth’s designs were displayed and they are awesome…Dame Elizabeth allowed Kathy an audition and it’s become a beautiful friendship and business..from amazing icon to Kathy who admires Dame Elizabeth..and honors her….House of Taylor Jewelry…which is just a part of Dame Elizabeth’s empire…don’t forget those best selling fragrance products from House of Taylor Beauty..Best selling Jewelry book…art collection etc….will never be House of Ireland…your instinct was right on…Kathy does a line for Dame Elizabeth.’s company…Dame Elizabeth is the largest shareholder..It will never be any other way…Thank you for reading my ramble.and rant..and I really enjoyed your respect for Dame Elizabeth and your refusal to diss my friend….FYI…Your website is great and I am sending it to all of my friends…

  2. GilbertZ says:

    Thanks for your heartfelt comment Ruben. Kathy is lucky to have a friend like you and it’s nice to hear her story. That’s an impressive number…sales of $1 billion a year retail… By the way, Dame Elizabeth is doing something right, HOTJ just announced they doubled sales. Congratulations to Kathy, Dame Elizabeth, and best of luck to you.

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