August 8th, 2007

Red Carpet vital part of Jewelry Marketing

VarietyThere is an article in Variety pointing out that Red Carpet marketing is taking on a whole new level. While Harry Winston was probably the first to realize the power of pairing Hollywood with Diamonds, lately companies like Chanel & Chopard have raised the bar by hosting premieres, such as Marie Antoinette and Hollywoodland.

The article points out that Gucci has created a film artist award in 2006.

“Fashion and film share a united purpose: drama and flair, emotion and passion,” says Gucci Group CEO and President Robert Polet. “It is simply an extension of our business goals to support these shared visions.”

Chopard has been doing something similar even longer. They get so much press at Cannes with their hosting of premieres that it dwarfs the Oscar coverage. They are so polished at this game now that the LA Times just posted an article about a Chopard salesman going over to Victoria Posh Spice’s house to outfit Vicky & David Becks in Chopard diamond earrings for her, Chopard cufflinks for him.

Expect this trend to grow.

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