August 7th, 2007

New York Times: Can’t get Lead out of children’s jewelry

ny times paperI think we have long ago given up on Corporations to do something good for the people (their customers) if that doesn’t quite benefit their bottom line. But is nothing sacred? How many articles do we need to see about lead found in jewelry for children?

Today the New York Times has a new one. They are saying the problem stems from China: “The unannounced federal inspections also left no doubt about the primary source of the threat: of the 17.9 million pieces of jewelry items pulled from the market since the start of 2005, 95 percent were made in China.

Juicy Couture and Walmart were mentioned in the article relating to their children’s jewelry.

Well tens of thousands of kids have gone to emergency rooms as a result of all this and some children have died. I have one message to the companies at fault. The solution is simple. In this one little category of children’s jewelry, STOP manufacturing in China. Pay a little more and you won’t have to give it back in a class action lawsuit later. Oh, and as a “bonus”, you won’t be killing children anymore.

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