August 5th, 2007

New York: Harry Winston debuts Diamond de Neige collection

Harry Winston diamond de neigeIt really is hard to be truly original. I thought that the concept of a snowflake pendant was original and a perfect gift for your woman, celebrating how unique she is. But I guess the snowflake theme has been used regularly. Following my post about *Ruta Fox’s version of the snowflake, I ran into another version at Knox Jewelry.

Now I see that Harry Winston has just launched an entire Snowflake collection:

“The Harry Winston Salon on Fifth Avenue was transformed to a magical Winston Wonderland to showcase the newest collection, Diamond de Neige.

The event highlighted some of Winston’s most select pieces as guests were treated to a whimsical experience with nymphs, ice queens, and a soothing harpist; all adorned with an exquisite collection of diamonds. All of Harry Winston’s reflections of nature, whether it be Wreaths or Clusters, or Diamond de Neige, were there for viewing as guests experienced a truly captivating evening of enchantment.
There isn’t much of the de Neige collection to see yet on HW’s site so here are some Famous Harry Winston Diamonds to enjoy:

And here are some celebrities wearing Harry Winston:

Update. I’ve obtained some pictures of the Neige Collection:

  • neige1.jpg
  • neige2.jpg
  • neige3.jpg
  • neige4.jpg
  • neige5.jpg
  • neige6.jpg
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  • Harry Winston snowflake
  • modelings diamonds de neige

*Funny, while browsing the Divine Diamonds website, I noticed this quote from one of our NJ’s, James Allen: “Calmness of mind is one of the jewels of wisdom”. He must have been featured in that issue of Glamour. If someone has a copy, drop us a note.

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  1. Actually the Lesotho stone Jackie Kennedy owned was a marquise… I think it was Lesotho III? The stone was 40 carats or so. The Lesotho I, linked about, is about 70.

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