July 24th, 2007

Ebay is making everyone list diamonds correctly…seriously?

ebayI know we love to ding eBay because they sooo deserve it sometimes. So we’ll have to see how well their new “rule” for listing diamonds is enforced. The rules, if enforced, and I do mean “if”, requires the ’small print info’ to be listed. Buyers will easily know that the listing is for a natural diamond, Clarity Enhanced diamond or a simulant.

From the article: “eBay last week announced a change in its listing rules for diamonds, synthetic and natural, and imitation diamonds. To be listed as a real diamond, stones must be natural mineral “consisting essentially of pure carbon, crystallized in the isometric system with a hardness of 10, a specific gravity of approximately 3.52 and a refractive index of 2.42.”

Buyers may still end up buying frozen spit because of the egregious hype about clarity on some diamond ads, but this current change might shorten the list of reasons why we ding ebay…;)

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