July 17th, 2007

What is the average price of an engagement ring, wedding band and more wedding stats

wedding statisticsWhat is the average price of an engagement ring? According to People magazine, that would be $2,100.

I love these stats, so let’s see what else People is asking and answering.

Which state hosts the most weddings? 

Texas with 191,072,

The least?

North Dakota with 4,192.

Longest Wedding Dress Train?

3,949.8 feet in France.

How many Vegas weddings take place per year?


How many weddings per day in the U.S.? 


Most expensive wedding?

$60 million U.S. by Lakshmi Mittal for daughter Vanisha.

Average wedding cost?


Average engagement length?

17 months.

Average age of Bride?


Average age of Groom?


Total number of U.S. weddings in 2006?


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