July 16th, 2007

Posh Spice engagement ring pictures

victoria beckham engagement ring
Everyone is talking about the Beckhams coming to America from the UK. How it’s going to improve the Galaxy and make soccer big in California. How Posh and Katie Couric Cruise Holmes are now neigbors & BFF (for those people learning, like me, BFF=Best Friends Forever). It’s all irrelevant, other than data on her engagement ring of course ;)

The L.A. Galaxy are doing horribly. They will be horrible after Beckham arrives. They are paying him a lot of money. They will make back the money. More sponsors to the team. More TV shows like the so-called “reality show” on Posh and her pretentious and unreal life airing tonight on NBC. More corporate deals. More diversity in the fan base. But one thing that won’t happen is more wins for the Galaxy.

So rather than talk any more about that, let’s cover the ring. It’s a 3-carat marquise-cut diamond embraced with a trillion on each side. Boodle & Dunthorne designed the ring. They are planning a big push for the American market and have designed the 5 million pound chess set.

UPDATE: I was pretty confused when posting this originally and now I know why. She has 2 engagement rings. The original ring, is a 3 carat Marquise by Boodle & Dunthorne. The second one is a 6.00 carat, $1,800,000 million dollar “I’m sorry I cheated on you” engagement ring….

Here are more pictures of the ring(s):

  • posh spice engagement ring
  • victoria beckham flashing engagement ring
  • huge closeup posh engagement ring

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