July 13th, 2007

New York Times on Barry Bonds’ Jeweler, Shapur Mozaffarian

Barry Bonds hitting a home run
The NY Times has published a nice article about Shapur Mozaffarian, the designated jeweler for Barry Bonds’ earring. The Times is saying that the same way many athletes are associated with a signature accessory, the inch-long cross earring, with square-cut diamonds on the sides, are Barry Bonds‘ signature, made by Shapur.

There is a story behind the earring. The cross was initially a pendant given to Bonds by grandfather Robert Bonds. After Robert died, Barry turned it into an earring, which he wore throughout his Pittsburgh playing days. When he came to San Francisco, he asked Mozaffarian to create a replica.

The earring has become synonymous with Bonds. Little Leaguers drew crosses on their ears to look like Bonds. Sales of cross earrings went up. While Mozaffarian never made their relationship public, he did frame an 8-by-10 photograph of Bonds with his earring prominent.

At one point, Bonds lost the earring and Shapur had to work the whole night to create a new one in time for the game. You know how athletes are about their routine comes game time. Mozaffarian also made the engagement ring for Liz Bonds.

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