July 13th, 2007

Don’t knock Counterfeit Chic

mike and maaikeI discovered a great blog today. It’s called Counterfeit Chic. While I had already read elsewhere about the first story I saw on their page regarding the “stolen jewelsexhibition, there is a lot more there to keep you occupied.

For example, I learned about a recent raid cracking down on people making replicas of Judith Ripka. I also learned about something our jewelers should see about copyrighting their designs.

Then there’s the interesting dilemma a poor girl went through, putting her literally between a rock and a hard place when she found out her engagement ring that came from hubbie’s family was fake and he doesn’t know.

Which led to the discovery of another great site, Post Secret, where anonymous readers send in their secret on a poastcard. Brilliant. Pun unintended.

It also led me to read a discussion of the synthetic vs. natural controversy & conflict diamonds. Which led me to learn something about the history of Cartier and Mikimoto in a post about the affect of cultured pearls on the pricing of natural pearls. Note to Susan, I think if the diamond industry didn’t have DeBeers “protecting” the market, a similar thing would have happened to natural diamonds a long time ago.

I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I did.

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