July 10th, 2007

Paparazzi files: Victoria Beckham shops chanel, but Van Cleef gets a plug

Beckham at Chanel, passing Van Cleef
Van Cleef and Arpels are having a fabulous week. First, Eva Longoria bought her female guests a bunch of Sweet Alhambra Bracelets, even if it may have been a gift by Van Cleef, the press they are getting for it is tremendous. I’m sure those bracelets will be selling like hot cakes this summer.

Now they have just gotten an added bonus. With the Beckhams coming to Hollywood, the “Pap” are following Victoria Beckham everywhere. In the attached Celebrity Babylon video, Mrs. Beckham is videoed shopping at Chanel. But on the way there we have a money shot of none other than the storefront of Van Cleef & Arpels. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Video and Alhambra pictures after the jump.

Large gallery of Sweet Alhambra Pictures:

  • Alhambra Ring
  • Alhambra Vintage Pendant
  • Byzantine Alhambra Pendant
  • Lucky Alhambra Bracelet
  • Lucky Alhambra Earclips
  • Lucky Alhambra Long Necklace
  • Magic Alhambra Bracelet
  • Magic Alhambra Earclips
  • Magic Alhambra Long Necklace
  • Magic Alhambra Necklace
  • Sweet Alhambra Girl
  • Alhambra BraceletAlhambra EarclipsAlhambra EarclipsAlhambra Long Necklace
  • Alhambra NecklaceAlhambra NecklaceAlhambra PendantAlhambra Bracelet
  • Alhambra BraceletAlhambra BraceletAlhambra Vintage BraceletAlhambra Earclips
  • Alhambra EarclipsAlhambra EarclipsAlhambra Long NecklaceAlhambra Necklace
  • Alhambra NecklaceAlhambra PendantAlhambra PendantAlhambra Ring
  • Alhambra RingAlhambra RingAlhambra RingAlhambra Bracelet
  • Alhambra Vintage BraceletLucky Alhambra EarclipsLucky Alhambra Long NecklaceMagic Alhambra Bracelet
  • Magic Alhambra EarclipsMagic Alhambra EarclipsMagic Alhambra Long NecklaceMagic Alhambra Necklace
  • Magic Alhambra NecklaceAlhambra PendantAlhambra EarclipsAlhambra Ring
  • Alhambra Vintage BraceletByzantine Alhambra Bracelet

Video of Victoria Beckham at Chanel:

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  1. BARBARA ROSE says:

    I want a authentic VAN CLEEF ALHAMNERA choker……
    Do you know where I can get it less than store?

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