August 25th, 2007

Bowers Museum in Santa Ana has an amazing Gem Exhibit

bowers museum gem exhibitIf you live near the Santa Ana area don’t miss the Gems! Colors of Light and Stone exhibition at Bowers museum. It looks amazing and I know someone who has been to it and she loved it.

I wish I could go… and check out the Michael Scott Collection. The Parrot brooch made from Pariaba Tourmalines would be the first thing I’d look for. Their color is spectacular and the design of the piece looks awesome in the picture. So does the tiny butterfly made with Demantoid garnets. Wow!

I’d really love to see the incredibly large and beautifully cut, Tsavorite garnets that are on display too. Garnet is my birthstone and the rarity of high end stones like the ones in the exhibit would be worth the trip I’m sure. If anyone visits it would be great to read your impressions.

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  1. talia says:

    Do you know of any exhibits in british columbia, canada? I am a diamond and gem fanatic but it is hard to find out where the good stuff is! If you know of any upcoming events i would love to hear about them. Thanks!

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