July 6th, 2007

Visit the Gem Vault in Houston, Texas

Star Sapphire RingThe Lester and Sue Smith Gem Vault in Houston, Texas has been open since November 17th, 2006. They have a great collection of gemstones and are well worth the visit.

The picture is of the Star Sapphire Ring in their collection. A star sapphire is created when microscopic slivers of rutile, another mineral, are trapped inside the sapphire during its formation. The resulting intersecting, needle-like deposits cause the appearance of a six-rayed star pattern when viewed under a single, overhead light source. The value of a star sapphire depends not only on the carat weight of the stone, but also on the stone’s body color, intensity and the visibility of the star. The ring was designed and created by Ernesto Moreira. Photo courtesy of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Here are some select images from the Gem Vault & Ernesto’s Collection:

3 Responses to “Visit the Gem Vault in Houston, Texas”

  1. betty j berger says:

    I am interested in a Lone Star Diamond Pin. About the size of a nickel.
    If you ahve this pin please get in touch with me.
    Thanks betty j berger

  2. jayme says:

    i am interested in the price of this beautiful object if it is not to much it ask how much would this cost . please right back it will mean a lot.

    cool dud jay.

  3. Alan Welch says:

    I have a few semi-precious gems which I would like to sell. Would you be interested in them?

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