June 30th, 2007

Unique picture of Britney Spears’ ring

Britney Spears RingBlogging definitely makes you think different. You’re always on the lookout for pictures. Especially those that your community would like to see.

Well I was browsing over at GlossLip when I saw this interesting picture of Britney Spears hand. I later found out that the birdie she was giving the Paparazzi made news globally and was widely blogged. Through all that, I’m probably the only person who thought when viewing this picture, “Hey, this is a pretty decent candid shot of Britney Spears‘ engagement ring.” Funny thing is, I just realized as I’m writing this, wrong hand and wrong finger, isn’t it? Is she even still married? It’s hard to keep up with these young starlets. Oh well.

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