June 26th, 2007

Beautiful Kim Kardashian wears lots of Jewelry

Kim Kardashian Full frontal fashion. Necklace. While Kim Kardashian has taken the crown from Jennifer Lopez for most bootylicious booty, she also has been seen in picture after picture after picture with plenty of jewelry. Kim’s father was Robert Kardashian and her stepdad is Bruce Jenner.

The Bastardly has pictures of her wearing some really big Jewelry. I don’t know what’s with this trend of scribbling ugly messages on photos these days, as Bastardly has done. I guess everyone looks for an angle to make a picture more interesting. Love it or hate it, those enormous earrings are interesting by themselves.

Kim does have a tape circulating. It seems that’s what is needed for young starlets to get noticed these days. Without some scandal, the media ignores the story.

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