June 27th, 2007

Learn about Pink Diamonds: part one

World’s largest Pink DiamondSome of the loveliest diamonds in the world are pinks. They are very rare. The Argyle mine contains a lot of Pink Rough.

The largest pink diamond in the world (pictured) is the 186 Carat Darya-e-Nur¹, also known as the Sea of Light, the River of Light, or the Ocean of Light. It is a pale-pink, tablet-shaped diamond. You may see this item by visiting the Museum of the Treasury of National Iranian Jewels.

The Steinmetz Pink is a 59.60 Carat Fancy Vivid Pink INTERNALLY FLAWLESS diamond! Jenna Elfman was the lucky girl to wear it at the opening of an exhibition at The Smithsonian, but not before Helena Christensen had a crack at it first at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2003.

Queen Elizabeth II was given the 23.5 Carat Williamson Pink Diamond from Canadian geologist Dr. John Williamson as a wedding present. It was cut by Briefel and Lemer of London in 1948 and became the center stone of a brooch designed by Cartier in 1952.

Another large Pink Diamond, is known as Le Grand Condé, a name that also referred to its owner, Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé. He had set the Diamond on the pommel of his walking stick. It is also known as The Pink Diamond, Condé Pink or Condé Diamond. It is a 9.01 Carat Light Pink Pear-Shaped stone. While it has been reported that you may view this diamond at Chateau de Chantilly / Musée Condé, Nicole Garnier, the curator of the museum, has told me that due to a theft in 1929, although recovered the same year, it is no longer being displayed. There is a replica in its stead. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker’s upcoming wedding is expected to occur at the Chateau on 07/07/07. Nicole has also been generous enough to share some more pictures of the diamond for our community to view, see Gallery below.

To be continued…


¹Alternate spelling for Darya-e-Nur is Darya-i-Nur


Le Grand Conde

The Pink Diamond

Le Grand Conde

Condé Pink

Le Grand Condé

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

Jenna Elfman wearing the Steinmetz Pink at The Splendor of Jewels

The Steinmetz Pink

Steinmetz Pink

The Williamson Pink

The Williamson Pink


The Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) 6 carat pink diamond

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  1. Irish says:

    Excellent article!! Looking forward to Part Two.
    Whenever I see these huge diamond pendants I think they’re such a waste for the wearers because they never get to see them.

  2. Ryan Thompson says:

    I wish I could find the Grand Conde on the Chateau de Chantilly website — That photo of it in the display box is interesting. :)

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