June 21st, 2007

Paul Tacori story

Paul Tacorian, Paul Allen, The Gordon Brother of Samuel Gordon JewelersI was doing research earlier and stumbled across this thread on DiamondRing.com, about one of our members meeting Paul Tacorian by chance. It’s humorous and turned out to have an interesting twist. I’d forgotten that he became a member shortly after she told us about meeting him. Small world. I also didn’t realize that Tacori is abbreviated from their family name.I searched for a photo and with luck, thanks to the blog of Samuel Gordon Jewelers, I found one. It was taken at the JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas June 2007. These handsome gentlemen are flanking Paul Allen from the Platters in the Tacori booth. Paul Tacorian is standing with his brother Haig Tacorian on the right and Gary Gordon and Daniel Gordon are on the left. It looks like they’re getting into the spirit of being back up singers, but I have to comment that I’d expect jewelry and diamond guys to show a little more…. well…. diamond jewelry!!

2 Responses to “Paul Tacori story”

  1. Jeani says:

    Tacori is really great. It the most beautiful jewelry

  2. Vivi Chumas says:

    Indeed Tacori is one of a kind! I had the honor of meeting Paul Tacori and he is one of a kind himself! I used to work for Steve Padis . Paul Tacori made a special trip to San Francisco Gift Center to inform us on the product knowledge! Congratulations to all of Tacori’s success my hats off. Bravo!!!

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