June 20th, 2007

Another feature suggestion for Firefox

Flock ClipboardI recently suggested some new features for Firefox and Blake Ross was kind enough to forward them onto the right team to look at it. Here’s another that relates to the old Windows Clipboard.

I don’t know about the Mac, but Windows needs a more versatile Clipboard. The Firefox developers can’t fix that for the operating system, but they can add some cool and useful functionality to the browser.

Instead of a one-dimensional clipboard, how about if they add a feature that works similarly to the clipboard in Flock, the Social Media Browser based on Firefox. Why not allow more than one item in the clipboard at a time?

Most applications that have tried to implement this have not come up with the best implementation. It needs to be simple and not take up too much space.

A small dropdown arrow to the right of the clipboard icon to turn it into a clipboard history, with a mouseover to let you preview what the clipboard you are selecting contains, would do wonders for blogging.

How many times when you are blogging do you want to grab some text from the page and the link at the same time? You need to copy one item, switch to the blog post tab, paste it, go back, grab more data to the clipboard, tab back. Too many steps. Why can’t we grab all the pieces of information we need from the same page into seperate clipboards without running back and forth each time?

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