June 18th, 2007

Jessica Alba loves Jewelry

Jessica Alba NecklaceJessica Alba, who has 6 movies coming out in 2007 including Fantastic Four the sequel, has been climbing the starmeter ratings. She is (or her handlers are) astute, competing with the shenanigans of celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton & Britney Spears with lines to make geeks go crazy, and pictures that get buzz, without quite the negative press that goes with it.

Currently on the cover ¹ of InStyle, see a slideshow of Alba’s fashion look from 1999 to present. She is usually sporting a lovely pair of earrings. She wears jewelry from Robyn Rhodes ², Tacori, Harmony Lane, Gucci, Jessica Hicks & Erica Courtney, like these yellow beryl and platinum drop earrings from Erica’s Drop Dead Gorgeous line.

She was engaged to Michael Weatherly in 2001 before breaking up in 2003. She was probably engaged to Warren Cash as he was reported to be shopping the jewelry stores for a ring and subsequently she was seen and photographed wearing an engagement ring. This prompted a crazy excuse from a representative that “She is not engaged. She’s had the ring for a while, usually wears it on her right hand, but it was swollen (from flying), and she switched it.

For Valentine’s Day, she reportedly received from Cash a ring and matching necklace complete with pink pave diamonds.

Alba even showed up to watch Cash friend Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs, which is where I first really noticed her. Now there are reports they have broken up. Or maybe not.

There is a cool site that shows pictures of celebrities wearing jewelry and lets you buy the look right there. This is Jessica Alba’s page. I don’t think the pic of Alba in those Golden Hoop Earrings are quite enough to convince me that they’re the same, but I’ll let you decide.

Here are some more pictures of Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba with flower in hair

Jessica Alba Strapless

Makeup for Jessica Alba on set of Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba in character wearing necklace

Jessica Alba on a swing

Jessica Alba Into The Blue

Jessica Alba on phone, on the set

Jessica Alba Wedding Day shot

Jessica Alba shooting in Malibu

Jessica Alba in boots

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