January 28th, 2008

Joi and the Chocolate Factory

Joi Ito and the Chocolate FactoryGmail has this cool feature that helps you waste even more time than email does alone. They let you add your RSS feeds to a list which are fed back to you one at a time in web snippets on top of your email.

So while you’re reading some boring note from your boss or whatnot, you can see the latest, coolest headlines from the feeds you watch.

Today Joi Ito caught me with an intriguing headline about a TCHO beta. Expecting a cool new tech site I never heard of, I headed over there.

Turns out it’s even better. He and a couple people from Wired magazine invested in a Chocolate Factory. So put down your diamonds for a moment and give the chocolate beta a try.  Then report back. $4.00 for a 50g bar.

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