January 10th, 2008

Charlie Wilson’s Diamonds

Julia Roberts War & diamondsI just saw Charlie Wilson’s War. Not a bad movie at all. Of course you need to take movies and article and news reports that purport to tell you inside stories of CIA covert operations with a grain of salt. They are covert for a reason. They are a secret.

Published accounts of real events are easily manipulated. Who will be able to confirm or deny the story?

Sometimes a story is told to achieve an agenda, sometimes because the writer knows a little bit and needs to turn it into a compelling enough story to sell it. But if you look at these kinds of movies as somewhat fiction, they can be fun.

That’s NOT why I’m blogging about it. The reason for this post is that Julia Roberts wears some outstanding jewelry with enormous diamonds throughout this film. Even if for nothing else, our readership should enjoy that aspect of the movie alone. But besides, it is a good film.

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