September 18th, 2007

Antwerp Diamond Conference 2007

Antwerp Diamond ConferenceThere is a major Diamond Conference coming up on October 16th 2007. According to the organizers, the diamond producing countries no longer want to be simply the suppliers of the raw materials (rough diamonds), but rather are demanding to get more involved in the whole process. This was probably always the case, but now the political and economic climate is such that things are changing, so let’s “go with it”. Among other speakers at the conference is Martin Rapaport and the debate will include representatives from Africa, Canada & Russia.

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  1. talia says:

    If there was one place I would go if I could it would be to an Antwerp diamond conference, I can just imagine the kind of pieces one would see there. i would prob get arrested though for trying to touch some priceless diamond! lol!

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