September 9th, 2007

Troy Garity marries Simone Bent, Jane Fonda picked out Engagement Ring

simone bent with troy garityJane Fonda’s son, actor Troy Garity has gotten married to Simone Bent. The father of Garity is Tom Hayden. Fonda seems to be on good terms with Simone, calling her “future daughter in law” before the couple were even engaged. I don’t know if this is true, but the NY Post reports that ‘Jane Fonda…confided to writer Gregory Speck, “I have just chosen the engagement ring for my son Troy Garrity to present to his new bride.”‘

That’s not the kind of thing that any son really wants to read in the paper and it won’t help him score any points with his bride either. But a report like that could be totally false, so who knows…

No specs or pics of the engagement ring yet. Send in tips if you have any.

One Response to “Troy Garity marries Simone Bent, Jane Fonda picked out Engagement Ring”

  1. Eva says:

    Most men would be upset by a story like that and so would the bride, but Troy is a mama’s boy-in fact, he never would have married Simone if Jane hadn’t pushed him into it. As far as Simone, she knew that the only way to get that ring on her finger was to be nice to mama, so she goes along with it.

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