September 4th, 2007

Latest Bond, Daniel Craig proposes to Movie Producer Satsuki Mitchell

daniel craigThe latest incarnation of James Bond was embodied by actor Daniel Craig. He just proposed to movie producer Satsuki Mitchell. She has made movies like The Jacket and Searching for Debra Winger.

Although she has been seen around town reportedly wearing an enormous engagement ring, no one has seemed to snap a pic yet. But keep watching this space for updates including specs and pictures coming soon.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Update! Got a pic. After the jump…

  • Satsuki Mitchell Engagement Ring Pic

7 Responses to “Latest Bond, Daniel Craig proposes to Movie Producer Satsuki Mitchell”

  1. Bebe says:

    That is NOT an engagement ring merely a committment ring and he gave her that at Xmas 2006..lets get the facts right! Dan will not marry her.

  2. GilbertZ says:

    Thanks for the input Bebe.

    I always try to get the facts straight & did provide the source….and from there here is another report.

    If they are both incorrect, and I’m not doubting you on that, do you have a source for the promise ring story? Thanks.

  3. Susan Lee says:

    They seem like a lovely couple and if they are happy together I wish them all the happiness people in love deserve. Who is anyone to say they will marry or not. Afterall people Daniel Craig, while he’s a fine actor and fine to look at on film is just an ordinary person that has good and bad days like everyone else. Give it a rest.

  4. uma says:

    congrats! im pretty sure they will make a very fine couple!

  5. Ruh says:

    I, for one, support a marriage between two men.

  6. Peter Harvey says:

    Ruh: You’re out of line!

    Satsuki and Daniel are still not married as of November 2008.

  7. JCraig says:

    Still not married. Promise ring sounds more realistic. Most people don’t wait 3 years to get married after they are engaged. They are a cute couple, but something isn’t right.

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