August 31st, 2007

Bugatti & Bellataire HPHT Diamonds

Kate Walsh wearing 4 plus carat Neil Lane engagement ringWow. I just checked out a video at Bellataire yesterday and boy am I impressed with the marketing. In general, women want their diamonds 100% natural, just like G_D made them. Especially when it comes to an engagement ring. Treatments, Synthetics and Simulants have traditionally had a relatively hard sell, unless heavily discounted.

While it’s easy to come up with an angle to sell synthetics these days due to the Blood Diamonds problem, HPHT treated diamonds are another ballgame. But Bellataire has come up with an amazing video that I bet will bring them much success. Plus they teamed up with Bugatti, a genius move, to really give their diamonds a caché.

Video after the jump.

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