August 30th, 2007

Jewelry Links around the web for August 30, 2007

damien hirst skullHere are some Jewelry-related links found on the web today:

First up, Damien Hirst skull is sold for $100 million, NOT to Graff. discusses the history of diamonds.

Fashionista on Van Cleef’s runway stint with Elite Modeling agency.

Mining MX muses over the brand new landscape of mining, the diamond industry and De Beers.

Forbes reports that profits @ Zales are up in Q4.

Remember that 7000 carat diamond from a couple of days ago, with only a far away picture as proof? They won’t “test” it until next week, or earliest over the weekend. If they send me a CLOSE UP picture, I’ll confirm for them that it’s not diamond right away. In fact, I’ll confirm it without looking at a picture. If that turns out to be a diamond, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. By the way, it seems that the spokesperson for this group was involved in a timeshare scheme. Some people were even saying the discovery of this diamond was prophesied. Mkay..

I was just telling you the origin of the term Tennis Bracelet. Chris Evert lost her bracelet during a tournament and this created the name. Well something similar just happened to a runner with a $20,000 Broach. Jogger Broaches anyone?

Collector’s Universe GCAL division to Grade for Christies.

Celine Dion and Yang Lang to market engagement rings to Chinese market with HV Love.

Hotel Housekeeping ruined Bride’s wedding with major jewelry theft. Some of the items were recovered.

There’s an Indian Diamond Flick coming out.

De Beers to open store in famous GUM department store in Russia.

Herald Tribune: Demand for diamonds growing in India & China.

Moissanite market growing too.

Gemesis doubling operation.

Spot Runner cuts deal with Stuller.
Summer sparkles @ Newsweek.

Ivana and Ivanka already expanded into Jewelry, now The Donald joins the fray in partnership with Fabrikant.

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