August 29th, 2007

Jewelry in Film

marlene dietrich necklaceDonating, or rather lending jewelry to Hollywood is win win win for Jewelers. They get all this publicity without really paying for it, and then their piece becomes memorabilia.

For example, Anne Hathaway wore an engagement ring and necklace by Chopard for her movie Princess Diaries 2. It got some nice mentions in the press before the necklace got recycled onto Sharon Osbourne’s neck. As an added bonus Sharon wore it to the Oscars! Both Sharon and Anne discussed the jewelry with media extensively. At the end, the necklace turned into a 3 million dollar tiara!

Remember the show The Bachelor? The 2.7 carat proposal ring came from Harry Winston. It is now for sale, with a whole marketing campaign around it. Personally I find it a bit sad. Marriage shouldn’t be used as a gimmick for a reality show. I hope no one buys it for an engagement ring. Memorabilia? Maybe…

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