August 24th, 2007

The Cartier engagement ring Matthew Mellon gave Noelle Reno

noelle reno engagement ringDoes the name Matthew Mellon ring a bell? He’s the heir of a famous banking and oil family. His ex-wife Tamara Mellon, who unfortunately cheated on him with while he was in rehab, is the boss at iconic Jimmy Choo. I actually only found out how iconic Jimmy Choo was when my girlfriend was shocked at my ignorance and laughed at me calling it Jimmy Shoe… but I digress…

He worked out his problems with new girlfriend Noelle Reno and proposed to her in a helicopter over the Eiffel Tower with an 8.7 carat solitaire diamond ring from Cartier. Not bad.

Noelle is starting a fashion line called “Degrees of Freedom“. Their wedding plans? “Noelle and I are getting married, but in two years’ time” said Matthew at the Blood Diamonds post premiere party.

2 Responses to “The Cartier engagement ring Matthew Mellon gave Noelle Reno”

  1. menthonia says:

    Noelle knows how to rock it,you go girl!!Plus She always looks her best. I 1st read about her wen I purchased UK’s Hello magazine (Or was it Ok,,i think it was Hello).She looked beautiful and sexy,no wonder Mathew wants to marry her,u cant do better than that..I hear she left the dude for a wealthier & older man…lol..I hope she’s happy and I hope mathew doesnt go back to his old ways…

  2. Charles Jordan says:

    Matthew Mellon is probably the most honest, down-to-earth, genuine celebrity of our time. It is unfortunate that the tabloid media has been so unkind. Being human, Mr. Mellon is allowed his imperfections, just like the rest of us. This man and his family have contributed more to the common good than most. The honest, sincere and heart touching deeds of Mr. Mellon and The Mellon Family Philanthropies are often overlooked. Good deeds are often disregarded as they seldom sell newspapers. The public would rather read about celebrities and their faults and indiscretions. We should be grateful for the Mellon Family’s charitable and philanthropic causes, which have preserved a lifetime legacy of helping others through community services, the Arts, Medicine, Science and Education. I am proud to know him, His family and to have worked with him. He is caring man with much refined class and sophistication. Mr. Mellon exudes warmth and compassion and his charitable work is endless. Readers of the tabloid press should discount about 90 percent of what they read and know this man as the real, concerned and considerate man that he is.

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