August 23rd, 2007

Paris Hilton vs. Zeta Graff

paris hiltonFasten your seatbelts because this post will take you back through some jewelry-related history of people that the television ratings say you care about a lot.

I was hoping with all these arrests and DUI’s and careers in spiral, that the news blitz of Paris & Co. would eventually subside. But no… You can’t look at today’s news without hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s 7 misdemeanors and cocaine use and what it all “means”? Not hard to figure that out, it’s about ratings which arrive when showing images to the public of pretty girls and the lifestyles of the rich.

Today a jeweler to the stars re-enters, hopefully for the last time, the Paris sphere on TMZ. Of course world news follows. Paris Hilton has settled with Zeta Graff in her defamation suit. In case you don’t know of Zeta, she is the ex-wife of famous jeweler  François Graff, the managing director at Graff. She also played a small role in Luc Besson’s Fifth Element.

As for the history of this lawsuit, part of it must stem from some mix of jealousy and competitiveness. You see, Paris Hilton was engaged to Latsis Paris who gave her a fabulous ring. And by fabulous, I mean 24 carats of engagement ring from a no-name private jeweler. And by engagement ring, I mean CZ engagement ring. Yes, you heard right, CZ. Apparently the enormous Canary Yellow ring was just a CZ and the real ring came from Cartier. Shame that a false story gets repeated on a major news network… Anyway, this Latsis Paris heir used to date Zeta.

Paris doesn’t like her. So she arranged for another false story to appear in the NY Post blaming Zeta for ripping a diamond necklace from Paris‘ neck. She was caught red-handed after a deposition forced her publicist to tell the truth. Gawker puts it quite well, read their news item here.

This was a $10 million dollar lawsuit and it looks like $2 million dollars are in the settlement. That’s huge for defamation, but the deposition killed her case.

It is well worth slogging through the depo to learn about how the news you read is “created” out of thin air. This may seem to be just an unimportant celebrity case of a star manipulating the news in a clumsy, whimsical and petty way, but it shows you how effective money is in getting a story you want covered in the media. I mean if you follow the links you will see several journals repeating two fake stories on behalf of Paris.

Now extrapolate that same situation to politics, with billions at stake and teams of people hired to push an agenda (on both sides). It’s scary to think about.

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