August 23rd, 2007

New push in men’s fashion; Thom Browne designing line of men’s jewelry for Harry Winston

thom browneAccording to The Fashion Informer, Thom Browne is a former actor who is changing the face of men’s fashion. His previous work was with clothing designers but for 2008 you will be seeing a line of Harry Winston men’s jewelry.

Speaking of actors expanding horizons, I saw Brad Pitt on some morning show today. Wow what a sales job. They introduced him as an activist. He was trying to “teach” people about energy. He has never done a less convincing role in his life. Talk about a fish out of water…

Some people may have “bought” Angelina Jolie as the caring face of Africa, but I don’t see her bringing Brad along for the ride as an effective move.

Now if you want to talk about an “activist” who really does care and knows what he’s talking about (whether you agree with him or not)… then look at Ed Begley Jr. But Brad Pitt as environmentalist is a harder sell than those supermodels claiming they spent their lives ignored and dateless…

Really makes you yearn for the good old days when actor-marketing meant Madonna teaching Dennis Rodman to wear a wedding dress.

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