August 22nd, 2007

Amy Lee from Evanescence is married

amy lee engagement ringAmy Lee of Evanescence has recently gotten married and it does look like she has a lovely ring. Working on details…

She announced the engagement shortly after it happened, video following the jump.

Unlike many other large enterprises, her company doesn’t seem to be micromanaged and studio polished, which is refreshing. They are acting like regular human beings. She has a couple of posts she wrote herself about her engagement and her marriage and her band.

  • amy lee engagement ring

13 Responses to “Amy Lee from Evanescence is married”

  1. nikki says:

    um who is she getting married to???

  2. amit says:

    hmmmm luckt man….

  3. Rebecca yzaguirre says:

    Josh hartzler he’s a long term friend and therapist

  4. Luna says:

    congretulation. they r a match couple :-)

  5. nikan_masasi says:

    emmel? gommeli

  6. rita lee says:

    thats kool gurlfriend at least you found your self a man me im still trying

  7. Gabriela says:

    Congretulation.Amy I love you’re music and I love you verry much. You are a beautiful women. KISEESSS for you and you’re husbant

  8. Jessica Lohse says:

    Congrats Amy! You deserve to be happy.

    I would love to meet you someday. You’re my idol.

  9. rebecca yzaguirre says:

    anyone got any pictures from amy’s wedding?
    theres fakes but anyone got proper pics

    do u think they’ll ever be published?

  10. daniela says:

    i am so happy because amy is married and his husband i think he is so cute and so sweet to amy and if bouth have a baby oo that could be so excited haha

  11. hasanki says:

    oh i dont thats happend i want amy lee merry me hahah iam jocking

  12. nenuscence says:

    wooow, i love her, but there aren’t pictures of her wedding, i have one of her with her dress but i dont know…… I LOVE HER!!!
    i think, someday they’ll publish some picture.

  13. brandon gaunt says:

    y u do this to me yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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