August 21st, 2007

Jordana Brewster gets married

jordana brewsterWhat a relief for Instyle Weddings. Their current cover girl (scans here and here), Jennifer Morrison, is supposed to be getting married to her co-star on one of the best shows on television, House. They have a whole spread on her, but the couple just cancelled the wedding! Ouch! However, they lucked out with their previous cover girl, Jordana Brewster. She not only got engaged, she tied the knot!

Mazal Tov Jordana and Andrew Form.

Here are the specs on the engagement ring (pictures after the jump):

3.2 carat emerald-cut diamond platinum engagement ring with its matching emerald-cut sidestones. Gentlemen, take not from master Andrew Form. He gave her the ring after she admired it shopping in New York at Peter Atman.

Your girl will give you hints about what she likes. She will (often) be subtle. Or obvious and you may not catch it anyway ;) But if you want to surprise her with an engagement ring, usually a very bad idea, make sure she has shared with you what she likes. Particularly the mounting. It won’t take much prompting to find out…

I will share with you what a Jeweler just told me yesterday. She said the girl in most cases doesn’t even care much about the specs. If it’s big, that’s what counts. No visible/obvious inclusions. Decent color. But the setting. That’s key. If a guy comes in alone, she won’t even sell him a setting. Do a temporary ring with the real stone if you want, then let her choose the setting. These are golden words. Important caveat though. I think girls *should* care about the specs, but many simply don’t. At least not until they learn more about the industry.

If you are reading this because your girl sent you to our site, then the above suggestions are not sufficient. The girls are a different breed. They care a lot about cut and about quality. Propose with a temporary ring and then shop with her. She has to wear the ring for the rest of her life.

Back to Jordana. For someone who shared all the specs on her ring, she sure was coy with pictures of her engagement ring. It took a full bottle of wine and a hell of a lot of research to find the few pictures I got. Damn that Grey Wolf was good… Here they are:

  • jordana brewster engagement ring
  • jordana brewster engagement ring

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