August 22nd, 2007

New Round Diamond Cut: The Centenaire Diamond

Centenaire DiamondFrom HRD comes news that Michielsen Manufacturing & Co Bvba, located in Antwerp’s Diamond District on Vestingstraat, has developed a new Round cut. It has 100 facets, including 4 on the table.

The Centenaire Cut starts at 0.3 carats with a certificate issued from International Gemological Institution.

Looking at the diamond, I can’t decide if I like it! It reminds me of a …CD disc from this angle.

Seriously though it is beautiful!! I wonder if it’s as shallow as it looks? And I wonder how this one compares to other 100+ faceted diamonds like the 144 facet diamond by Huisman Bros. or the Zoe Cut with 100 facets? More info to come.

One Response to “New Round Diamond Cut: The Centenaire Diamond”

  1. Carine Boven says:

    I can’t believe this ! Did you ever really saw the CENTENAIRE CUT ???? it is a precious, beautiful diamant that reflexes the light in a way you never saw !!! have respect for the people instead of giving bad critics !!!

    Carine, an admiror of the Centenaire cut !

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