August 21st, 2007

Heidi Klum becoming a Jewelry Powerhouse

heidi klum in million dollar victoria secret braBlogger “A Socialite’s Lifescanned in a recent Heidi Klum jewelry feature in Life & Style magazine. Life & Style reminds me of the tagline Joan Rivers gave the National Enquirer. “They never lie.”

It does make running a magazine so much less expensive when you just make up your stories. Real reporters cost money. It also lets you make the stories so much more interesting if they don’t have to be true.

I’m not saying that’s the case with Life & Style, just that it makes you wonder when several stories initiated with them later turn out to be false…

But in this case, they said that they interviewed Klum, so the data should be on the up and up. Heidi Klum is a spokesmodel for the famous Billionaire Jewelry family The Mouawads. She has her own collection with them. A couple more tidbits about Mouawad, they have donated so much money to the GIA that the (relatively) new campus is called the Robert Mouawad Campus. They also own

Her collection has lots of clovers like this bracelet, these earrings, this pendant & this ring. If you would have shown me the Jewelry without telling me the designer name, I’d have guessed it’s part of the Alhambra Collection from Van Cleef.

She recently began selling a lower end of jewelry on QVC. During the photoshoot promoting the launch, she fell into the pool fully clothed at the Beverly Hills Hotel, her tuxedoed male models joined her. Ah, the tough life of a model.

Heidi Klum’s engagement ring is a gorgeous 12 Carat Canary Yellow Diamond from Lorraine Schwartz. She sat down with an InStyle writer who let her inspect and take pictures of the ring. Enjoy.

Here is a picture of Heidi eating an enormous Pear Shaped diamond and one with her newborn Leni.

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