August 20th, 2007

Madonna Jewelry Travel Tip

MadonnaLearn from Madonna’s mistake when traveling. Keep the Jewelry light. Before going through the scanner, I always remove my watch, belt, change etc and put it in my laptop bag to save time going through the scanner. Jewelry will often cause you repeated trips through the scanner and possibly a full blown search. Prime Example:

Even superstars are not spared the privations of airport security scanners.

As a bejewelled Madonna discovered when she flew into Heathrow yesterday, travelling commercial can be problematic when you’re dripping in bling.

As the pop queen elected to take a more environmentally-friendly British Airways flight from New York to London rather than fly by her usual private jet, she had to remove her shoes and jewellery before taking her first-class seat.

Says a fellow passenger: “She went through the metal detector three times and kept setting it off so had to take off more jewellery.

“First, she tried to take off her bracelet but couldn’t undo the clasp so stuck her arm out for her assistant to do it for her. Then she had to take off her watch, and again she couldn’t do it so got her assistant to.

“On the third try, she got through without the detector beeping and raised her fists in triumph.”

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