August 22nd, 2007

The Diamond Engagement Ring: One Man’s Point of View

marriageI surfed onto an interesting blog post today. A gentleman was discussing diamond engagement rings and came up with a new twist. That equal rights for women should preclude an inequitable engagement ring. The ring has a disproportionate financial cost to what the man receives.

Hmmm I always laugh at anyone’s demand that things should be a certain way and life should be equitable. Children think this way and so do very unhappy people. Duane met the wrong woman and she was with the wrong guy and they should be happy they found that out.:).

FTB: “Considering most couples enter into marriage at relatively young ages, I just find it rather pointless to sink that much money into something that in my eyes is rather insignificant considering there are far better uses for that money. At the very least, you would think such a gesture would be reciprocal in nature given the advances in the last century for equal rights”

The future Mrs. Duane may or may not get a decent engagement ring… my money is on him figuring out that couples have to decide these things together and nothing is ever how you anticipate it to turn out.. including the wedding and who spends more money…IMO, I think most brides’ fathers can make a better case than Duane for disproportionate financial cost to what they receive ;) ;)

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