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Old skyline18
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The different diamond certificates...
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 04-06-06 , 03:18 PM

Hello everyone, I am a newbie to diamonds and recently have been looking for a round cut diamond for an engagement ring.

I have finally decided on a VS2-VS1, Ideal/excellent cut, G-F colour and between 1.30-1.50 carats. I'm from Toronto Canada and have been looking around for the past month or so. The one thing that has been confusing me is the 'reputation' of the different gem grading labs out there like GIA, AGL, EGL, HRD and the most popular one in Canada Gem Scan. I heard that GIA is the most 'accurate' as far as the diamond grading goes, I'd like to hear from people on this forum in regards to that topic. Since I live in Toronto Canada, a lot of the jewellers/diamond wholesalers I've visited carry Gem Scan stones, and I have heard from most jewellers that Gem Scan's grading can be 1-2 grades below GIA's grading for the same diamond. Can anyone verify this fact? Also can anyone rank the different gem lab's from most accurate to least accurate?

Can anyone recommend a diamond jewellery store/wholesaler in Toronto Canada that is reputable and has fair prices? I've looked online at and though the diamonds are nice, the price is just not that good after you take into account the taxes and conversion to CDN funds.

I am kind of deciding between several diamonds as well, and hoping to get some input/advice...

diamond#1 1.51c, VS2, very good cut, H with EGL certificate for $12,525 CDN.

diamond#2 1.37c, VS2, very good cut, F, with GIA cert. for $12,700 CDN

diamond#3 1.31c, VVS1, excellent cut, G with GIA cert for $13,500 CDN

diamond#4 1.29c, VS2, very good cut, G with HRD cert. for $11,500 CDN

diamond#5 1.50c, VS1, very good cut, H+ with Gem Scan cert. for $11,500 CDN.

I'm just kind of leary about getting an H colour stone and how yellow it will look on a platinium setting. To a pair of untrained eyes like mine, all these diamonds look pretty beautiful.

Any and all advice/comments are very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Old Loch

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Re: The different diamond certificates...
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 04-07-06 , 12:15 AM

GIA and the AGS are the two most reputable labs in the industry. Other labs, to put it politely, can be overly generous with their grading..... My personal fave is the AGS. Recently GIA developed a new cut grading system for RBC's. Information wise this puts them more in line with the AGS as they have always offeredthis data.

Old EllisONE
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Re: The different diamond certificates...
Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 05-01-11 , 02:28 AM

I would definitely agree that GIA tends to be the most accurate in grading. They have very strict grading standards and you won't have a problem with them being over generous, as Loch said other labs do. Maybe if you find a stone you like that is not GIA certified, you can request that your jeweler submit it to GIA for certification? I think it's definitely worth it.

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