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Making REAL Sapphire Doublets
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 07-20-05 , 06:05 PM

Hi there. I'm new to this forum and found one thread on doublets that didn't quite answer my question.

I'm looking for any kind of information on how to go about making the best sapphire doublets possible. I have a small quantity of Yogo sapphires from Montana and want to combine sapphire platelets to each other in order to provide a thicker stone. No glass/sapphire combo, this is going to be the real deal - sapphire on sapphire.

In the past I know that Canadian balsam was used to create doublets but I wanted to see if there was something better that is now being generally accepted or if the balsam is still the best way to go. Also, any hints or advice on techniques would go a long way in helping me out. I'm looking for things like the best grit size to use on the diamond grinding lap to give me the best surfaces for adhesion. Or whether or not sticking the newly formed doublet into a vaccum chamber to remove bubbles makes a significant difference.

All help at all will be GREATLY appreciated.



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