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Old BlueLily
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Colored Diamonds
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 06-10-04 , 03:50 AM

Hi! I want to get two existing diamonds I have colored blue. I talked to a jeweler (at Kay) about getting my accent diamonds colored. First when I asked if they color diamonds he said yes they can do that. But then I showed him my ring, and then he told me that I should just get two new yellow diamonds (that have been colored), and trade in the two existing ones for them (which they said they would only give me half of their value for the trade in).

Can a gem with the following specifications be colored?

2 round brilliant cut diamonds
G-H color
I1 clairity

If they can be wouldn't the color be clearier or better then a yellow to color? (I noticed the one blue diamond they had in I could still see a tint of yellow in it). Would it reduce the value of the ring? How much would it normally cost to get the existing stones treated? They quoted the yellow color treated stones to cost me approximately 500, is this too much for something like that? Any info is appreciated!


I've attached a picture of the ring. Its the two stones on the sides of the marquise.
  • Lab: EGL USA
  • Shape: Marquise
  • Carat: 0.52
  • Color: F
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Certificate Number: US 27642913D
  • Measurements: 8.60 x 4.19 x 2.80
The preceding form was filled out on our Ask DT page.

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 06-10-04 , 09:24 PM

David, can they even guarantee that they'll turn blue? I thought it was only Type II diamonds that would turn blue or something like that, and that they're somewhat uncommon.

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 06-10-04 , 11:59 PM

I don't know much about the process of treating stones, but I do know, as Ginger pointed out, that you have to have a very specific type of stone to be treated. Even if you could treat them BOTH, there would be no way of guaranteeing (sp?) that they would come out the same color. If you really wanted different color stones, I would buy two new matched stones, and replace the ones you have in the ring...then you can make yourself a nice pair of stud earrings with the ones you've got in there now.

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