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Old pete2037
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 05-03-04 , 01:35 PM

Hi, I thought I should finally introduce myself! My name is Grace and I have been dating my boyfriend for a year. When I was young I asked my mother the question, "How will I know when he's the right one?" She told me, "You'll just know." I shook my head thinking how she could never give me a straight answer...

And it wasn't till I met Andrew that it made sense because I "just know."

We have been talking about the right time to get engaged and I think that time is coming soon! He wants everything to be a surprise, from the proposal to the ring, but I want to help pick out the ring. I'm fine with letting him making the final pick, but is it okay for me to guide him towards the styles that I love most? Or should I just trust that he knows my taste?

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Old tieru

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 05-03-04 , 04:31 PM


You can go about this two ways:

Direct route:

"Lets walk through this Jewelry store and see what type rings look good on my hand...."

Indirect route:

"Sally (or who ever is your trusted friend that he would go to talk to to find out what you like), look at these pictures. Don't you think this it the most beautiful ring in the world...(then accidentally leave the pictures with her)"

While I advocate the first route, I understand some guys need for the surprise. My brother was one. He did everything on his own. My SIL had no idea that he was that far along in thinking about asking her to marry him. Luckly for her, by brother did a great job finding a ring.

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 05-24-04 , 12:32 PM

I just had to have input in my ring (or should I say I had to pick it out myself) but now I wish I had stayed out of it because my fiance showed me the ring he found before I started getting involved and I LOVED it!! Oh well...

If you have a diamond shape prefrence, just say what it is and let him take it from there!

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#4 @ 07-06-04 , 08:59 PM

When we started talking about it we went to the same jeweler that made my "promise" band for me. They had just gotten Star 129 stones in and after having seen those Cento by Roberto Coin stones in magazines I wanted to check the 129 out. I fell in love INSTANTLY and we kind of started discussing quality and size "requirements". I was ok with more like a half-3/4 ct stone and he had bigger ideas. He settled on just under a carat and H color (which was really bright, almost as bright as a standard RB D would was stunning. He proposed 6 months later because he was waiting for our anniversary and job situations tosettle down finally. I was glad that I knew I was getting that kind of cut stone and thats all the input I got till after the proposal. He went with a simple platinum 4 prong as a temporary till I found a setting Iliked. I really ended up with just a stuller 6 prong Solstice solitaire setting. It c omes in tomorrow and Ican swap my stone out when it comes in

Just know that you will obsess over your diamond like crazy for a while till you get used ot it and can compensate your movements without banging it...Im still not there yet...I freak out and examine it constantly even when I hit paper. But having gotten it insured has calmed mejust a bit. LIterally JUST A BIT. haha

I love this ring. His knowing what I like helped immensely because I know so many girls that felt horrible telling their respectives that they disliked the choice.

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