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Old Cassandra
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 10-10-02 , 11:58 PM

I don't recall exactly what I was searching for, but when I find stuff I like on eBay, I tend to sort through people's feedback, especially if there's a negative, to see what the problem was. This particular feedback was quite interesting... The Seller created a Web Page telling their version of the story, and the Buyer created an eBay ME page with a link to a site that told his sided of the story. Makes for an interesting read.

Here's the direct link to the Seller's Story...

Here's the direct link to the Buyer's Story...

As outsider opinions, what are your thoughts?

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Old diamondangel
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RE : Two Sides to Every Story... (An eBay Tale - Not Mine!) :)
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 10-11-02 , 12:12 AM

Hmmm....dunno what to think on this one.

Old VanGraff

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 10-11-02 , 01:49 AM

You think that this seller didn't knew that this diamond had a huge crack?, I know that some cracks "walk" with time and strain but I bet that this diamond had the crack filled with oil and the huge crack was shown after the diamond was cleaned with steam.

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