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Old jkp653
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 12-18-01 , 10:31 PM

A week ago I asked for advice on how to handle my purchase of a misrepresented diamond. I thought I would let you know how everything turned out since you all took the time to give me your advice and opinions.

I took pieces of a few people's advice and put them together to help resolve the situation. After negotiating back and forth with the salesman via email, I decided to write the owner, as I was not satisfied with my options.

I sent him a certified letter, explaining exactly what had happened with my purchase. I noted the exact laws that protect consumers in these situations. (thanks for the link rockdoc) I explained to him that I was not threatening legal action. Rather I was pointing out my justification for my offer. (The law says I'm entitled to the whole difference, and I asked him for half the difference.) I also explained that I was not accusing him or any of his employees of being dishonest. I ended the letter with a direct quote from his website concerning their policy on product representation, and asked him to consider this.

I received an email today telling me my Visa had been credited for the full amount that I asked for. ($350)

I know from the last post that some of you are cringing to hear this. I think I handled the situation fairly, but let me know what you think either way. That doesn't mean I won't argue with you though.

Thanks everyone for your help. It's nice to gsp;<his situation resolved so I can start stressing out over the proposal!


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Old ericsemple
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 12-18-01 , 10:34 PM

Sounds pretty fair to me... This is the diamond that you liked and had the inscription put on the girdle right??? All things considered splitting it down the middle seems like a fair deal given you like the stone...

Old erin
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#3 @ 12-19-01 , 12:07 PM

Hi Jason,
I think you handled it very well. In most cases, it usually doesn't pay to start off combative - it just makes things get ugly faster and leads to litigation.
You may (or may not) have done better using another tactic, but it seems to have been resolved fairly and without much stress. Congratulations.

Old starfish

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Quote this post and reply to it Post#4 @ 12-19-01 , 12:46 PM

Hello, I'm so glad to hear your situation got resolved. I think you and he came up with a very fair solution since you had had it inscripted already, and since the salesman had misrepresented the stone, although I think the latter is the more serious 'crime' here. I don't think you writing to the owner like you did sounds combative at all, as long as like you said you did it in a very non-threatening manner, and this was after you had already tried dealing with the issue several times with the salesperson. There's nothing wrong with getting a little nervous when there's that much money on the table. I think you writing everything you did in your letter just avoided you having to write several instead of one. Also, you weren't even asking for the full amount, you were only asking for half. Don't you feel better now? Happy proposing!!

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