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I would love a skeleton watch! :)
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 10-29-10 , 06:03 PM

Hey guys,

I want a skeleton watch. As is usual with me, I'm going to babble a bit to explain why I want one:

I have a skeleton pocket watch that I bought a long time ago. I have no idea who made it as I don't have it with me right now, but I love it. It was only 30, and it certainly isn't the best time keeper, but gosh it's amazing and beautiful. It's skeletonised both front and back, requires winding and I adore it. I only wear it occassionally - it's more just a time-keeping (kind of) decoration on my desk.

It's very simple - it has small black roman numerals and a stainless steel case. When I first got it the movement was all silver, but only shortly after getting it, a cog fell off. I took it back to the jewellers wanting it repaired, and he said the best (easiest/quickest) way to do it would be to just give me another pocket watch for no charge. Unfortunately the only ones he had left were gold coloured, and they were ugly. So we compromised, and he took the movement from a gold one and put it into my one's case. So now I have a two-tone skeleton pocket watch. I would have preferred for it to be completely silver, but it's still lovely.

And I have a couple of wrist watches - one is a cheap digital wrist watch that I have grown out of interest with, and the other is a watch I use at work and don't wear it on my wrist because it's perfect for work but ugly on my wrist. But I have started to want a watch that I can wear outside of work, that's much nicer, and potentially a life-long watch.

I went into a jewellers about three days ago (to admire diamonds) and saw a Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso for men - the one with the skeletonised back that you can reverse around to become the front. Oh, I was charmed. The watch was significantly too big for my wrist - indeed, it pretty much covered the complete bredth of my wrist. And I did find it silly that you could only see the insides from the back. Even so, there was something rather nice about it.

Unfortunately, the lady versions don't have the skeleton back! Argh!

So, I have been searching for the following:

I want a mechanical wrist watch, with at least a fully skeletonised front (not really that keen on just a small window, and just the back being skeleton isn't what I want). I would prefer that it be silver in design, with very little, if any, gold colouring. I want it to be SIMPLE. The very nature of a skeleton face is that it's complex, so I want the rest of the watch to be more simple, and smooth, and refined. Nothing fancy. And I want the hour/minute/second hand to be easy to see. Finally, it needs to be for ladies (ie, small)!

I have found some stunning ones that meet my criteria, but they're all for guys, and therefore huuuge. Gosh. Some are significantly more expensive than others. The following I like because of the way they LOOK - ignore the make for a moment:

Rotary's GS02518/06 is lovely, just waaaay too big.

Maurice Lacroix's MP7048-SS001-000 is also lovely, with probably the maximum amount of gold I would be okay with, and it doesn't have a second hand, and it doesn't have numbers on it, so I have to think a bit more to tell what time it is. I like a measure of accuracy.

Patek Philippe's Skeleton Watch is AMAZING. WAAAAAAY out of my price range but that is just... beautiful. Perfect. Gorgeous. Wow. Is there a cheaper version of exactly that sized for a woman? I would buy it. *Wheeze*

So, experts, help?!! Please? I've searched and searched and cannot find anything really.

I don't particularly have a price range. Would I buy a Rolex? Yes. But they don't do skeletonised watches and I can't find any that I like enough visually to justify that kind of money. Especially now that I've discovered that skeleton watches do exist, and that there are some beautiful ones out there.


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