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Old BogFrog
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cracked wedding ring
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 09-06-10 , 11:34 PM

Hello All,

First time poster. I have attempted to attach a photo below to show my broken ring... I purchased my platinum wedding ring in Feb this year and this morning I found a huge crack in the ring. Although there appears to be a large dent in the ring, I have no recollection of hitting it or dropping it. The dent is in the part that sits between my fingers so it is unlikely to have been hit there (The ring was handmade as I needed it made on an angle and wanted diamonds placed into the ring). Does this crack look as if the platinum was badly cast/moulded, bad quality or is this just tough luck? Can this be fixed at all or will the heat required just ruin the diamonds?


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Old jackmark
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Re: cracked wedding ring
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 05-12-11 , 02:53 AM

Itís difficult to tell without seeing the diamond through a loop, but itís possible that the diamond has cracked. Diamonds are incredibly hard, so itís not very likely, but it is possible. Itís more likely to be a natural flaw in the diamond that you just didnít notice for the first few days. Itís also possible that there is just something like a fiber or fur stuck between the diamond and its setting.

To be safe, you should take it to the dealer from whom your fiance bought the ring. If he bought from a reputable jeweler, there will be a warranty on the ring. If the diamond is cracked, the jeweler there should be able to see and replace it. If the line is just a flaw that you only now noticed, the flaw should have been recorded when they determined the quality of the diamond. To put your mind at ease, they should be able to show you this record. If the diamond just needs cleaning, they will be able to take care of that also.

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