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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 11-27-09 , 06:45 AM

Panchang is a religious and technical Hindu astrologer Indiaa calendar. It is an antique art of Vedic astrology that assist to uphold the best days and time to come. Panchang has been resulting from two words Panch(meaning 5) and ang(meaning feature). The panchang events time in lunar months whose names make known the surreptitious trail of stars and gathering. It lists four weeks of seven days, recognized with planets and gods. This consequently takes into explanation five aspects - Din (Vara) or the solar day, Tithi or the lunar day, Nakshatra or the constellation, Yoga and Karan.

It is far more correct than conservative horoscopes and has many of authorize sensible uses like effective you the best days and times for journey, love, parties, moving, interviews, savings dental visits & lot. To find the favorable time to start no matter which new it believe the week day of week (Vara), Tithi, Nakshatra(Star), Yogam of the day, Karana of the day, and the conclusion moments of all these to decide whether the day is Amurtha, Siddha and Shubha. The Panchang is always used as the religious appearance of time for Hindus and a direct to a life close to God and faith.

Even though it is necessary to have the information of arithmetical calculations to be grateful for Indian Astrology, but for the advantage of the normal people, astrologers have work out a calendar (Panchang) with the help of which, and easy arithmetical calculations, one can have information about planets, good or bad for him. It is not essential for an ordinary man to be a clairvoyant in order to appreciate the Panchanga. But for a smooth and methodical running of life, one should know how to interpret 'Phalita'.

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