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Old BarryNicholls
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 09-23-03 , 03:11 PM

Here is an e-mail I received today that you may find interesting. I hope I'm not wasting people's time with this. If I am, please just let me know. As a newbie, I'm feeling my way around yet.
I recently purchased a pair of Tashmarine earrings from a jeweler. They are 1.75 ct.
total weight. I paid $170 for the pair. The jeweler kept telling me what a good deal I was getting because Tashmarine is so rare. He stated that the mines were closed and the chances of ever finding Tashmarine on the market place again were small. He also said that the stones would probably be very valuable in the future, and that buying them would be a good investment.
My question to you is, was this jeweler telling me the truth, or was I manipulated into thinking that I was buying something more rare and valuable than what I was really getting.
Thanks for your time.
-M. C.
Hi M.!
In spite of my personal strong distaste for people selling jewelry as "an investment" (it is VERY hard to get your money out of it, even though it does become more valuable), I would say that your jeweler is being fairly straight with you.
Tashmarine is not available right now (yes, the mine is closed), and I don't know when it will be available again. I am optimisitc that it will be though. The price will probably go up, and only time will tell. Tashmarine is indeed rare, and may stay that way, but no one ever knows things like that for sure.
There is more info about Tashmarine(tm), and the latest status of the mine on my website at:
The $175 price sounds like a good deal, and if you like your earrings (you probably LOVE them because Tashmarine is so neat), then you got a great deal.
On another note, your jeweler may want to be careful of using the word investment. Federal laws are very strict about who may use that term, and when and how, and penalties are unpleasant at best. In most industries, those who use that term incorrectly are looked upon as charlatans.
On a more positive note, there is no better investment than fine jewelry - that is, as an investment in the joy of good living.... not financially.
I hope this helps.
Take care, Barry

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Old winyan
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Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 09-23-03 , 08:59 PM

Not wasting my time...I have some pretty Russian Chrome Diopside around here somewhere...(win scritches her head in bemusement), but I think I like your Tashmarine even more!


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