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Old elcapitan
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Is this diamond worth the price?
Quote this post and reply to it Post#1 @ 04-25-12 , 08:56 PM

Hey everyone, I'm new but need some engagement ring advice. I'm looking at buying an engagement ring, and the specs for the diamond that will go in it are below. Could anyone tell me whether this would be a good buy? I really like the diamond and think it looks great (after comparing lots of diamonds).

Price: $10,500 (originally priced at $13,500)
Certification: EGL International
Carats: 2.02 carats
Cut Shape: Cushion
Dimensions: 8.32 x 6.74 x 4.17
Color: F (it seems to be correct based on the look of it in person)
Clarity: SI2 (although it has a few straight lines on the certification. Does that indicate a fracture, and should I be worried?)
Total Depth: 61.9%
Table Depth: 61%
Crown Height: 11%
Pavilion Depth: 44%
Girdle Thickness: Slightly thick to thick, faceted
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Very good
Culet: None
Graining: Slight
Fluorescence: None
Cut: Great (according to dealer, but I've yet to see anywhere that has a "great" cut in a chart with ideal cuts, good cuts, etc. Not sure what to think about that)

There are only a couple of slight visible inclusions, and both are at the edges where they're not visible unless you look really hard. Thoughts?

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Old odbg

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Re: Is this diamond worth the price?
Quote this post and reply to it Post#2 @ 05-03-12 , 10:19 AM

seems like clarity is the main issue here. But we can't tell much without details and types on inclusions indicated in the report. If you can post some images of the diamond, that would help alot.

For a 2 carats cushion diamond, the price is cheap. But it is EGL certified. Based on your description, i think you already know that EGL is lax in grading and you had already factored that in.

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